An Opinion Piece on Why I’m Tired of Your Opinions

I loath The View. I only started watching it in the last several weeks, and only because even though it’s a few days behind for me…it gives me a sense of being in time with the day-to-day morning routine of my fellow Americans. But, really—I loath it. I’m aware that most of the show it scripted and not necessarily a direct reflection on the actual moral and political beliefs of the various hosts. I’m also aware that this show was originally meant to update housewives on current events and spark a conversation on uncomfortable topics. The thing is, what is left that is too uncomfortable to discuss in 2016? I read all of your unsolicited opinions day in and day out on social media, and in the fish bowl that I live, it seems that we all have something to say about everything. Today, though, I heard something on The View that sent up a rare hands-in-the-air “Amen!” from me. It was a comment from that brunette girl who loves to talk about how she works for Fox News (seriously, who brags about that?). She said, and I quote, “There is a difference between what we want and what we’re offended by.”

Think about that for a second. What do we want, politically speaking? Do we want to build a wall? Do we want to completely prohibit people from entering the U.S. on a semi- to permanent basis, or do we just want people to do it legally and abide by our rules? Do we want to banish guns, or just have a more strict policy that would make us sleep better at night? Is there any room for a happy medium in America today? According to my Facebook wall, apparently not. So which is it? Do we want to make a change in our country, or are we just offended? Is the tradition of your religion more important than the entire LGBT community? Can we not mourn the lives of the hundreds of unarmed black men killed this year by police officers alongside our grief for the officers killed in Texas? Can we not covet our hunting rifles while also hoping for even a month of peace, unity and lack of bloodshed on our turf? In all of our butthurt, where is our humanity?

I fully encourage everyone to have opinions on the world and our country, especially when they’re researched and educated opinions. These days, though, I’m hesitant to click on that blue and white app in the morning. I never know what I’m going to wake up to—more people announcing engagements and pregnancies, or more people I used to have respect for coming out as bigoted racists. I’m not offended by your opinions, they just make me sad sometimes. I’m not offended, I want change. I’d like to see the U.S. as a unified nation that stands up for one another, who is proud to be an American without the expense of half our population. What do you want? To make a difference, or to be offended?

-Wine of the Evening: Collio Pinot Grigio, 2013

Rachael Clemons
Rachael Clemons