October 2015

Villa Clemons—We Won’t Leave the Light On For You

The worst trouble I’ve ever been in while living at home was the time I turned down the air conditioning. One hot, humid, unbearable July afternoon, I wanted to blow-dry my hair without needing to shower again after from the sweat that was sure to take over my life. Ladies, you know the struggle. The problem was that I forgot to put the a/c back to its original 82 degrees before leaving the house, and received a phone call hours later from my very angry father. If I remember correctly, he told me that it was the most disrespectful thing I’d ever done (in hindsight, the was before I was in college, so I’m sure I’ve done more disrespectful things since then). Perhaps to some of you, this will sound ridiculous, fabricated or extreme. However, if any of you grew up with frugal parents, you’re nodding along like “Mmmmmhmm. Been there. Got that lecture.” Now, as a pretend adult adulting pretty hard, I get it. I’m a utilities miser.

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