September 2015

BFF’s–Bathroom Friends Forever

You’ve had a few vodka tonics…or five. Your favorite song has been played by the DJ once or twice, and your feet have been hurting since before you left your house. Your cleavage is sticky from spilled drinks, either by your own devising or your wing-gal.  You maybe have cried already, be it was in a secluded booth with your besties, or in a bathroom with a very random, very drunk girl. This girl is your best friend, and this girl is you.

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When Goodbye is not “Goodbye”

IMG_5408I’ve had to say “goodbye” a lot in life for forever, I’m sure a lot of us have; for me, to several friends who have disappeared way before their time, or to family members who have lived a full and happy life. However, once you have attached yourself to the military—be it signing on the blue line or on the marriage certificate—you begin to see goodbyes a little bit differently. Commands usually have a two to three year commitment, so depending on when you show up to your new command and when you leave, you will have to say “see you next time” to more people than you care to keep track of. Some of it becomes routine, but other times it takes a piece of you with them.

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