May 2015

The Real American Dream

I recently visited The States to see my baby brother and sister graduate from high school. No, they aren’t twins, so that’s out of the way. My brother is going on to run track at Bethany College in Kansas majoring in who knows what. My sister, who graduated as class president and valedictorian, is going to College of the Ozarks “down south” to be a biology teacher…honorable, but ambitious? Eh. Then again, who am I to decide if a dream is too big or too small? Am I following any of my “dreams?” Are you?

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Airport Saga: Part I

Once upon a time, I would pass the time during layovers by tweeting about stupid people and annoying mishaps throughout my transit, always ending with #AirportSaga. It was a big hit, but that was before I had this website and have more than 180 characters. You’re welcome.

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