10 Reasons Why My Husband is My BFF For Life

1. We keep each other humble every day and we always set realistic goals for one another.


2. He gets to hear all of my poop and period stories and he only complains a little bit. I also only hate him for 30 seconds post Dutch oven. We have a code word for when we have to “two” and peeing is referred to as “making pee pee.”


3. We have developed our own language through a running thread of inside jokes; typographical errors have become permanent vocabulary and it rarely crosses our minds as being strange. 

4. We usually, almost always, dislike or are strongly annoyed by the same people. Nothing forms bonds faster than mutual hate.


5. Facial expressions and body language now say more than words. I’ve discovered that his nostrils flare when he’s annoyed by me or if I disgust him in some way.

6. We’re always helping each other with the day-to-day things.


7. He’s both the first and last person I want around when something embarrassing happens. On the one hand, we’ll laugh about it forever. On the other hand, he’ll laugh about it forever. “Hey, remember that time you pissed yourself in Scotland?” “Hahaha yeah…dick.”

8. He encourages my talents.


9. We have several common interests and hobbies we do together, but we have our own things too. For instance, we both love collecting wine and books. However, he’s into micro-brewing and I love Netflix binging.

10. Nothing is really too weird and there is no such thing as TMI. He pops my pimples and I’ve offered to shave his chest. He declined.

Husband and wife are partners in crime for life. xoxo


-Wine of the evening: il Puro merlot

Rachael Clemons
Rachael Clemons